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Proper beer-drinker’s heaven with an absurdly large range of superb beers. If you want to pontificate over how best to poor your Belgian farmhouse beers, this is a place you’ll love. That said an easy-going crowd makes the Loose Moose super accessible. The alcohol list is clear and concise, breaking beers down by type to make for easy reading. You’ll also be given a great choice of rotating tap beers. The Loose Moose glasses also charm by virtue of being shaped like beer cans. Food options definitely veered onto the classy side of pub food, but you will be filled up - a massive positive for some. Lagers, pale ales, and all things hipster are available, as is the haute scene of Belgian beers. Try the Moose Lager for something easy of the Lapis Cherry sour ale for an experience. Some of the staff aren’t as well versed in the range as others, but those bar staff in the know will preach like the converted if you give them a chance. Go here for a great vibe, and enjoy a special but accessible experience.


J.G. Seabrook

via Google Reviews

I was advised by a mate to have beers and dinner here whilst I was in town.

I moved to Denver, Colorado from Broadbeach 6 years ago and have eaten my fair share of ribs and mac 'n' cheese in this time. The Loose Moose's full rack of pork ribs and mac 'n' cheese far surpassed any that I have eaten in the U.S.

A massive shout-out to Jason Williams as excellent customer service is so hard to find these days and he was simply brilliant tonight. Well done mate.


Jamie Lakes

via Facebook Reviews

This place is outstanding! Had the best steak, mash potato and gravy I’ve ever eaten last night at this place. The buzz and atmosphere were fantastic too.


Lee Hz Hanlon

via Facebook Reviews

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